How volunteerism shapes professional success

How Volunteerism Shapes Professional Success

Written by Mayssa Boutouta

Written by Mayssa Boutouta

in assignment for the Effective Communication course at ADRA Jobs

From a very young age I’ve enjoyed volunteering. I was always challenging myself to work with new people and explore new surroundings; which meant that I had to get out of my comfort zone. Being a volunteer in several projects taught me how to have a right approach regardless of the different situations. This is due to the fact that despite the challenges faced, the goals are being achieved every single day. I learned a lot from those who lead humanitarian projects because they motivated us and teach us how to deal with new situations. They was always encouraging, cheerful inspirational and made us a family. They taught me to share my thoughts without fear. Me and other volunteers learned a lot of professional skills but also wholehearted ways of life such like authenticity, confidence, positivity.

The experiences you go through make you even more authentic with the people you encounter. Volunteering gives you a chance to be positive as well. Volunteering teaches us how to make society better. They surely have a good leader who taught them how to give, help others, share ideas and discuss them, how to accept the differences and moderate new circumstances. Volunteering is beneficial in so many ways. Not only does it make you a better person, but it makes you a true leader as well.

In a study on how volunteerism shapes professional success, leadership skills are gained through the volunteer activities. I personally believe that volunteering builds true leaders. Each and every one of us must try this experience. I was not able to talk to people or even to make a network; I had only few friends, a tiny world in my comfort zone; but that changed after volunteering many times. Volunteering taught me how to be responsible and a good communicator, and how by volunteering in humanitarian projects can make you aware of the needs of those around you, and how you also can learn to lead for a better world.

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