ADRA Tunisia

Our team

Peter fenoy

country director

Peter Fenoy, a medical doctor by professsion, has stepped in as the Country Director for ADRA Tunisia in January 2019. Devoted to serving people in need, he has been working for more than a decade in the most vulnerable communities in different parts of the world with ADRA and other international humanitarian organizations. His managerial and leadership capacities are reflected in consolidated team work, growth and expansion of programs, and overall striving for excellence.

Yvette butoyi

project coordinator

Yvette joined ADRA Jobs in February 2020. From 2007 to 2012, she was employed at UNI MEI Global Union where she carried out different activities such as project management and development, resource mobilization and coordination, and participation to the EU social dialogue. She joined the African Development Bank in 2012 as a consultant, where she spent 4 years, and contributed to the restructuring and improving the efficiency, visibility and disbursements of a 15 million Euro Trust Fund for Microfinance Institutions for Western Africa. In 2016, she created YBAdvisory a consulting firm based in Côte d’Ivoire and in parallel to her professional endeavours, her interest for humanitarian activities ledher to create in 2017, Live to give ci, a humanitarian NGO.


sabrine hamdi

financial assistant

Sabrine Hamdi, having a business background, joined ADRA for the first time on 2017 as an ADRA JOBS student and volunteered in many humanitarian activities organized by ADRA Jobs. She has two years of experience with the civil society. Now has become a staff member of ADRA Tunisia as the Financial Assistant since October 2019.

Amira Saidania

administrative assistant

Amira Saidani, Tunisian, has been working for ADRA Tunisia since 2016. She enjoys serving hundreds of young beneficiaries who participate in ADRA on a yearly basis. Being passionate about serving for a better world, she is also a key person in the contribution of reaching the goals of the different implemented projects within ADRA Tunisia.


luis manjarrez

information technology officer and spanish instructor

Luis Manjarrez came to Tunisia in 2019 and since then he joined to ADRA as an IT Officer and Spanish Instructor, offering to the organization his experience in Information Technology and his heart willing to serve the others. He has accumulated more than 14 years of experience in the technology field and 2 years as a Language Instructor, working in important organizations around the world like SOS Children’s Villages and Echez Group.

maryem harrabi

english instructor

Maryem Harrabi is an English teacher who joined ADRA in September 2019. Maryem’s love and passion for English started many years ago. This passion was further  accentuated when she decided to specialize in this language in 2011 and to later hold an MA wrote her thesis which was an amalgamation of Literature and Pragmatics. In 2017, Maryem’s teaching experience began. She worked with different private schools and centers. From 2018 until 2019, Maryem worked as an online translator for an Iraqi magazine “Bayn Narayan”. Her six articles were published successfully. 

Walid Gammoudi 

french instructor

Walid Gammoudi joined ADRA in 2019 through where he discovered humanitarian work and has devoted much of his time and energy to develop his knowledge about it through ADRA’s team members. He has 8 solid years experience as French teacher, that is why his work in teaching French to ADRA Jobs’ beneficiaries is much appreciated. He has proven to be equippied with advanced didactic and pedagogical assets.

marie tiahué


Marie Noëlle Tiahue, is Ivorian and she joined ADRA in February 2020 as Assistant. To work for a humanitarian organization has always been a call for Marie who loves to help and to serve others. Marie is a trained Red Cross first aid.

nawress hamrouni

intern at adra jobs

Nawress Hamrouni is a student of English of Communication in the Higher Institute of Languages of Tunis. She enjoys learning about ethnic and cultural diversity and explores ways to help people in need. Even though it is her first experience at a charity organization, she enjoys the friendly atmosphere and shares the enthusiastic spirit for humanitarian work. 



samson bush

communications officer and english instructor

Samson Bush joined ADRA Tunisia in 2020. He has specialized his formation in community leadership but has also served as a volunteer in many community development projects around the world. He has also worked with multimedia production for 5 years and now serves as the comms officer at ADRA Tunisia.