Certification Day

The first session for ADRA Jobs for 2020 was completed in the month of April. Although participants and staff faced many complications and challenges due to unforeseen events (Covid-19), adaption was made possible thanks to the positive outlook for all involved. The session which started in February, celebrated the culmination of its activities and events on the 29th of April. Staff and participants were able to have a successful completion through distance learning and a lot of dedication and diligence.

As a beautiful custom, ADRA Jobs provides a certification ceremony to award participants for their success and to hear their testimonies. Despite the global conditions, the Certification Day was not suspended; it was held online via Zoom. One of the participants mentioned “It was an amazing experience for me!”

Despite the difficulties, 58 participants successfully completed their courses. For the certification ceremony, 49 of them assisted in the Zoom Meetings call. The total amount of courses provided its first session (February-April 2020) were 9, and these courses are:

Spanish A1.1
French A1.1
French A2.1
Elementary English 1 Pre-Intermediate English 1 Pre-Intermediate English 2 Professional Development Training (in French)
IT Skills
Effective Communication in a Digital Era

Despite the confinement, technical concerns, connection problems, teachers were committed to facilitate educational continuity and offer quality training to our participants.

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