COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Emergency Response

Disclaimer: ADRA Tunisia has the full permission of Ibrahim to publish his story and photos.

Ibrahim is 39 years old. He and his wife, two children, and mother live in a small house. The monthly rent for the house is 200 Tunisian Dinars (about 70 USD). It has been hard for him to make ends meet. He started working in a coffee shop as a casual employee and it was the only job he had but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he lost his job; and thus has been unable to earn money and to pay the house rent for the past 3 months. The landlord has been pressuring him to somehow come up with the money, yet at the same time Ibrahim has to also find how to provide for his mother, 65, who has glaucoma, his wife who’s unemployed, and his younger 4 year-old daughter who is asthmatic. Ibrahim has tried for more than 5 years to find a stable job but has not yet had that opportunity. He even applied for a loan at the bank to start his own business but his application was rejected because he has nothing to mortgage.  

The day he knew that ADRA would assist him with cash, he was very happy and eager to welcome the team that would distribute to him. He invited the team into his home and showed the reality of how difficult it was for the family to live in such a small home but also not having the wages to cover the monthly rent. With a big smile on his face Ibrahim thanked ADRA wholeheartedly for the aid that will allow him to continue providing for his family.

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