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Disclaimer: ADRA Tunisia has the full permission of Hakima to publish her story and photos.

Hakima is a single mother raising three children, despite that she’s 51 years of age. Her ex-husband, addicted to alcoholic substances, was extremely abusive towards her and was not providing economically nor emotionally to the children due to his preference to spend money on his vices. They filed for a divorce but now she tries to find ways to provide for her children. She worked as a cleaning lady but during the COVID-19 pandemic she lost her job. Unable to pay about $88 (USD) per month for her rent, she’s on the brink of losing her apartment. At the same time, her children are at the risk of dropping out of school because she is unable to bear the education fees. Her face was covered with tears, as she was telling us her story; but after it was tears of joy, gratitude and hope for the assistance provided in a very complicated moment of her life.

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