COVID-19 Emergency Response

Disclaimer: ADRA Tunisia has the full permission of Naziha to publish her story and photos.

Sometimes great moments come unplanned. One of the most impactful stories that ADRA came across during the unconditional cash project was something spontaneous.

During one of the assigned days of distribution, one of the volunteering teams had just finished delivering the unconditional cash of one of the beneficiaries. On their way back, they saw a woman pushing a handmade wooden cart. Inside the cart was a handicapped young man; her son. Both of them looked not only poverty-stricken but also exhausted. As the team passed behind her, she stopped to make a call unaware of them. The team listened to how she expressed herself with much sorrow and despair. She was saying “I don’t have anything; not even to feed my son and neither do I have diapers for him”. The team stopped, approached her, and began asking about her situation. It was a very spontaneous moment. When the team visited her home, they were shocked to see the conditions she was living in. It was a tremendously old house without even the necessary for a basic life. Her situation was already difficult before the COVID-19 pandemic, but her situation grew exceedingly unfavorable because of the negative impact in the economy caused by the results of the pandemic. ADRA Tunisia’s unconditional cash project was able to intervene with encouragement and much-needed assistance. One of the team members said that to be there at the right place and at the exact time to hear her vent her frustration through the phone was truly nothing short of a miracle.

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