Certification Ceremony

We thank God for another successful completion of the educational session. Despite the challenges of distance learning, there was great celebration as significant and fruitful progress was accomplished. More than 93 people attended the courses for the first and second session in the following courses: French A1.2, French A2.1; IT Skills; Professional Development; English (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, and Intermediate English levels); and Effective Communication.

During the time of lockdown, the previous certification ceremony was held online. However, the certification ceremony pertaining to the summer session was held in an open area. Most students finally met collectively for the first time in the session; along with the staff. It was also the first time in a long time since all staff were together at the same time. The participants of the first session (February-April) were also invited to attend to receive the physical copy of the certificate. Although not all participants were present, more than fifty people attended the certification event.

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